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we great pictures and videos up there. we will see you tomorrow in minneapolis, greta is next. thanks for with being with us. >> greta: two more states, two more health care lawsuits. this time a twist. we are live at caesar's palace in las vegas, nevada. let's start with the governor. governor gibbons and special legal counsel mark hutchison went on the record. nice to see both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> greta: executive order signed by? >> governor of new england myself and today new england joined 14 other states in their let -- nevada joined 14 ear states in their litigation. >> greta: mark is not your attorney general? >> no hess special counsel. the attorney general refused to bring a lawsuit as required under the law. we felt the law allows us to hire special counsel.
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mark has volunteered his firm to come in and take over and marshal the resources, marshal the people, marshal the case on behalf of nevada. >> greta: you are not charging a dame? >> not charging a dime. >> greta: are you doing this? >> there is nothing bigger than this. we believe in law is unconstitutional i'm glad to be part of the effort to try to challenge this law. >> greta: governor have you heard from the attorney general since you have did this? >> we have not. but we've been in touch with florida throughout the whole process. they have explained to us what their case is about and why they feel that nevada could join. we have been working throughout the time in coordination with those other states to bring nevada up to speed and into this litigation. >> greta: by talking to your attorney general, the nevada state attorney general, she declined to do this? she is not going to be happy with this one. >> we have not heard whether or not she is going to take
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any action in her beliefs that the law doesn't allow us. we think the law actually enables us to do this. and so, i'm sure that she right now looking over the law and seeing whether or not she has an opportunity to intercede and other join us or stop us at some point. >> greta: if you hadn't joined and the statute were declared unconstitutional you would have enjoyed the fruits of it. by joining it is a statement of solidarity with the other states? >> it is for two reasons. the number one reason is, i took an oath of office to the people of the state of nevada and their constitution. to defend the constitution. so, my obligation comes from my oath of office about the constitution and the people of nevada. secondly, i think it is a statement about our belief, fundamental belief that the constitution does not permit the intrusion the federal government is untaking with
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this law. -- is undertaking with this law. we have a foundational belief that the bill is wrong. the approach is wrong. the trespass on the rights of the citizen is wrong. and yet, we have that obligation then despite these other states, despite their effort, to protect our citizens as well. >> greta: will the headlines tomorrow be governor goes rogue? >> no. >> greta: you got outside counsel. >> i think every -- every one of us including those in the media appreciates defending the constitution. if it were a first amendment challenge, every media, every outlet would be onboard in supporting this. there's no difference in this one. i mean, unarticle 1 of the constitution if the government is -- under article 1 of the constitution if the government is allowed to proceed with telling you what you must buy when you do nothing in regard
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to that, all of our article 1, section 7 limitations of federal power are for naught. they are out the window. there's no reason to stop the federal government from deciding on what you eat that day. >> greta: have you talked to any other governors? >> i've been on the phone with my friends in idaho and looking forward to their effort in this as well. utah. mostly the surrounding governors. >> greta: have you had a chance to talk to any of the state attorneys generals onboard? >> not yet. we are scheduled for a conference call tomorrow. the judge has scheduled a scheduling conference next week. >> greta: no filing schedule so far? the judge hasn't said we want to hear first from the plaintiffs? there's no filing schedule yet? >> not yet. we meet with the judge next week. >> greta: do i understand it right mark, whether you win or lose, will depend largely on the commerce clause and whether or not the feds can do
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this to the states? if the court has a broad definition. commerce clause you lose. if it is narrow, you win? >> right. the commerce clause is the basis that congress passed this legislation particularly the individual mandate which for the first name united states history requires u.s. citizens to purchase a service or a good in order to maintain their good standing with the united states government otherwise they are going to get chased down by one of these 16,000 irs agents. the court will decide whether or not the commerce clause can be stretched that far. >> greta: no nor -- governor i know you can take sides. there's a hot race june 8th, in this state. what do you make of this hot race? >> firestorm of politics in nevada are no different than the firestorm of politics brewing across the nation. i think there's going to be tremendous changes in the united states senate. house of representatives. a lot of the house seats
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across this country are going to change hands. even in nevada we are going to see different make-up of our own bicameral legislative house as well. >> greta: thank you both. we are going to follow this lawsuit carefully and closely because it is fascinating. >> thank you. >> that greta. >> greta: much more of our interview. check out our entire interview with them tomorrow on greta >> another governor taking no prisoners tonight, this time . the governor just signed a gives her the pow with go around her attorney general and sue the federal government. governor brewer joins us live, good evening. i take it had you to get this bill to go around your attorney general because your attorney general does not want to sue the federal government is that right? >> well, i just wanted to end the debate. i feel that i have the
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authority. so we just ended the debate. and going to move forward. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: tell me what happened. take me back to when this legislation started, any conversations had you, tell me the story. >> originally, back in december of last year i reached out to my attorney general requesting him to look and see if he would look into the legality of the bilk proposed in congress. he refused to look into it. we started moving forward. certainly, after it was passed by congress, i reached out to him again to ask him to represent the state of arizona against this very overreaching mandate by congress. and he refused to do so i was going to move forward and talk to my lawyer, i have legal counsel, in my office who can represent me in any kind of litigation. i have the authority.
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i decided to end the debate simply, i would go to the legislature and ask them to give me the authority in statute. which they did. now we are moving quickly forward and reviewing everything and hopefully we'll be making some good things happen for the people of arizona to stand up and protect them against this overreaching legislation, that we believe is very unconstitutional. >> greta: i imagine that you like governor gibbons of nevada you are not particularly popular toe your state attorney general, is that a fair kwreups? >> that would probably be -- fair description >> that would probably be correct. he has been neglect and unresponsible to the people of arizona in regards to protecting state's rights. he's lost a couple of other cases he wouldn't participate in. we don't want to lose this one. certainly, we are going to and i will go on the record tonight greta with you, to
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inform your viewers and the people of arizona, that i will file tomorrow to join the other 16 states that have already filed suit. so it is breaking news. >> greta: good, love breaking news that's our business. two issues, one is the constitutional issue. and the other which may not be part of the lawsuit, but i'm curious, have you figured out what this health care bill means to arizona? how much in terms of cost, the practical aspects? >> in regards to the mandatory insurance that everybody has to buy, it is going to be enormous. certain fully regards to medicaid in the state of arizona it is going to cost the state about 12 billion dollars over the next decade. of course, we are financially in a hole bigger than what you could even explain to most people. we just simply cannot sustain what they are mandating us to continue under the medicaid
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program part of it. then again, with the people out there, you know, it could be any kind of amount of money that it would be taxing the people of arizona. unconstitutionally, by the way. >> greta: i'm curious, i know that you and governor gibbons around popular with your attorney general. the people of arizona, do you have any sense of which way they are going on you joining this lawsuit with the other states? >> overwhelmingly, want us to file suit and join with the other states to get to bottom of this. the fact of the matter is, probably i would say 80% of the hundreds and hundreds of calls and letters and e-mails we have received said go to task with them. go head-to-head. go and fight this and win. we believe we have really strong ground. it is important that we join in this lawsuit. not sit aside and wait to see what happens with the other states. therefore, if we were part of
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the lawsuit we would not enjoy the rewards of the lower courts the decisions that might be made at lower courts. >> greta: have you talked to any of the other governors about in? >> i have not. i've been reading a lot about what is going on. we've been very busy near arizona dealey with this particular issue and that with the immigration issue and our legislation that is in session. >> greta: one other thing we are watching. senate race going on we'll be watching that as well. governor thank you very much. hope you come back and join us. >> thank you greta! >> greta: , do you worry about salamanders crossing the street? do you worry about food on the table? guess which state spending a huge amount of public money to help salamanders cross the street? steve moore will explain, next. here in nevada republicans are
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gunning for senate majority leader harry reid's senate seat. the two front-runners for the republican nomination are here. one says she never shot a moose. what does that mean? back in two.
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>> greta: congratulations you are paying to keep salamanders safe in the state of vermont. the town won a $150,000 grant to build a path for reptiles and small ma'am map -- mammals to safely cross the highway. should we be spending federal money on this at this time? joining us steve moore. i'm no hater of salamanders, right? >> hope you are winning at the
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blackjack table out there. >> greta: i'm trying. what is going on in vermont? you know the old joke why did the salamander cross the road? to get $150,000 from the federal government. that has what happened with this earmark for this tunnel that will be used so the salamanders can go under the road not over the road. 100 get squished every night cars. the real question, is this a good use of federal money? many people even in vermont think it is rather absurd. salamander are not an endangered species we are not running out of them. even people in vermont are saying we potholes, bridges that need fixing. why are we spending $150,000 on this absurd tunnel? >> greta: i'm curious, if this is going on in many places in vermont, one tunnel or put up a notice all salamanders come here to cross. there must be a cheaper by to
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accomplish this or nor natural way. $150,000 isn't there a better way to create jobs to sort of keep the cycle going of employment rather than a one-time deal with salamander crossings. >> i agree the other question i would ask, why aren't private conservation groups, organizations like that, funding these rather than the federal government? we talked remember a few months ago on this show about the turtle crossings in other states i think that was florida or georgia. now we've got salamander crossings in vermont. soon we are going to pay birds to fly south for the winter this is getting absurd all of these projects that have nothing to do with improving the infrastructure, creating jobs and making sure our roads and transportation system work. >> greta: i'm greatly in favor of animals and pets and even reptiles. it seems this is not the economic time we should be
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doing this. people worried about putting food on the table and getting jobs. it does seem curious. even the people in vermont which is a state known for cost -- conservation they seen see this as perhaps over-the-top radio >> exactly that's what a lot of people were saying. wait a minute we've got some of the worst infrastructure in the country. we've got real transportation problems. i think when we are ing about a lot of this money is supposed to be used to create jobs. you are not creating a lot of jobs when you are building a little tunnel for salamander. other amphibians and reptiles, i don't want to just single out the salamander. >> greta: i can imagine the person who came up with the idea. let's pitch for $150,000 for a salamander crossing. i happen to be the opposite of vermont i'm in vegas and you see the unbelievable amount of
10:18 pm
unemployment and construction jobs stopped. idea of spending $150,000 nor this crossing. this city is really under siege. >> reason this story is important it is a microcosm of the problem we have with our federal budget. we are throwing money at absurd things that have jobs. one of the reasons why the stimulus 800 billion dollar bill has not created jobs. so much of the money has been diverted to projects that don't create jobs that don't put americans back to work. that's the tragedy of our budget. which, by the way is 1.5 trillion dollars in debt this year. >> greta: i wonder how many people passed on the salamander project. you the person who proposes it and there are problem several people had to think about hey that's a great idea. where are these people? >> also interesting about this story. a lot of transportation officials in vermont said this isn't the highest priority
10:19 pm
project but the federal government is paying so we are going ahead. this is the problem when you have the federal government writing checks. the people in vermont probably never would have funded this themselves. >> greta: just think of $150,000 even paying for education, couple college tuitions with that any way, steve thank you. president obama drops a stunner about our nuclear weapons. ambassador bolton is next. news about the tea party movement this might mike president obama a bit nervous. on the record continues live from caesar's palace in las vegas, next. ok, maybe it was my fault. she told me to kill the weeds. and you did. along with the grass. i used the wrong stuff. there were dead spots everywhere. this is the right stuff. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass.
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>> greta: president obama announces a u.s. nuclear policy people on the left and right are furious. reversing decades of policy the president's new policy says the united states will not use nuclear weapons against states that do not have nuclear weapons. there's a catch, the new policy only applies to countries living up to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. iran and north korea are not protected. good idea or bad and how much
10:23 pm
of a change is this? joining us from hong kong former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. how much of a shift in foreign policy is this? >> that particular declaratory policy is not that much of a shift from the clinton and the carter administration before it. but it is a big business take. because it basically says for countries that have biological and chemical warfare capabilities the obama administration is not prepared to use nuclear weapons in retaliation. in other words, we are giving up the threat of nuclear deterrent had hopes of persuading others not to use these kinds of weapons of mass destruction. i think the concept of these so-called negative security assurances is a mistake this is just an extension of mistakes made in the past. >> greta: since this was announced, it has only been hours. i haven't heard any other
10:24 pm
countries jumping on this and saying me too. we are not going to do that too. i assume when the announce was made that the hope was that the united states would lead and everybody else would sort of follow suit. so far, i haven't seen any me toos maybe it is early or we are not going to get it at all. >> most importantly, other potential proliferator states are not going to give up their proliferation program. these assurances were first used in 1978. since, we've seen enormous nuclear proliferation as well as chemical and biological weapons proliferation. i think the president's fundamental analysis is illusory and with many other parts of this review released today is going to result in a less secure united states and less security for our friends and allies around the world. >> greta: now, do you think? why did he make this announcement now?
10:25 pm
in anticipation of going to prague later this week and signing with russia? >> i that i is part of reason. this nuclear posture view long overdue. i it reflects intense debates within the administration. another foolish decision reflected in this document is the administration will not commit to build what we call reliable replace warhead. new generation to replace the aging nuclear warheads we have. secretary of defers gates when he was in the bush administration said we needed this new warhead and a number of other s to protect the reliability -- other expend s to protect the reliability and safety of our stockpile that is all gone or greatly reduced that is supposed to increase security as well this is a fundamentally flawed way at looking at american security it is going to leave us much
10:26 pm
less secure going forward. >> greta: can you identify who you think are the ones that less security as a result of this policy? >> our friends and allies to begin with. our nuclear stockpile is aging we have concerns about its safety and reliability. we need new expend s for upgrading and evaluating the reliability and safety of the stock pile. the defense department is not proposing in this nuclear posture to spend nearly enough giving up reliable replacement warhead in-- endangers us further. our friends and allies around the world who rely on the american nuclear umbrella must also be worried that our commitment to them is less reliable than it was before. i think that leads -- leads to feelings of insecure that i in some cases can lead to more nuclear weapons programs even
10:27 pm
among our own friends. lost len countries that see a weaker united states something that gives them opportunities for belligerent opportunity. >> greta: venture what china is thinking about tonight when they mary about that? >> i think they are saying, fantastic we really like the obama administration policy. substantially increase expend s to enforce our nuclear weapons capabilities i bet they are doing the same in moscow. >> thank you sir. >> greta: here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: ann coulter and megyn kelly at odds. dennis miller on that pinhead karzai in afghanistan, coming up. >> greta: o'reilly at 11 p.m.. one of our next two guests
10:28 pm
could be a huge problem for harry reid. two republicans trying to take his senate seat. they both go on the record, next. a pact best of the rest, great news for anyone who likes tea parties. get news for brett favre. and bad news for mcdonald's. we are going to explain it all. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green.
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10:31 pm
for harry reid. both republicans trying to unseat senator reid in november. he's vulnerable now, way behind in the polls. republicans are fighting to take him on. first normer nevada state senator sue lowden. why do you want to be a united states senator? >> i feel there is nothing more important i could be doing with my life now. i'm frustrated with what is going on in washington, i'm angry with what is going on in washington. tkwret like what? >> deficit spending, taxing, crafting legislation behind closed doors where nobody can see like the proms made that everything would be transparent on the internet for five days that is not happening. i'm angry that our seniors didn't get a social security increase. yet all senators and congressmen their salary increase. i'm angry about a lot of things. >> greta: looking straight ahead, whoever the republican snow in november, is in good shape today. the majority leader is almost
10:32 pm
double digits. your big challenge is june 8th, do agree? >> that's one of the challenges. one thing at a time. i don't think it is going to be a push over for sure. harry reid is used to having tough race. he's had close races before. i don't deny the fact that he's going to have the entire power of everything that you have when you are majority leader to make sure he goes back. >> greta: we are going to follow you around a little on the bus. >> okay. >> greta: back to work everybody. [ laughing ] >> greta: why would nevadans want to give up, even if you are a conservative republican or tea party member why would you want to give power of having the most powerful u.s. senator? >> that is going to be the question. i'm going to say they said the same about tom daschle and john thune. south dakota has four point unemployment figures we are at more than 13%.
10:33 pm
there's no one who is so powerful that can be replaced. -- that can't be replaced i should say. nevadans will have to answer what has he done for nevada is the question they have to decide. we feel he has turned his back on us in a lot of regards. >> greta: there's a good likelihood if you win june 8th, you're the one. >> i know. >> greta: there's so much attention on november, but this primary is one of the most important primaries, because of course senator reid, 19, 12 years ago he won by 468 votes, he can number one out if he wants. this race you guys are so neck-and-neck. >> yes it is an important race and it is only 60 days way. we start early voting in the middle of may. we are one of those early vote states. it is critical. i think republicans are taking it very seriously. we are, by the way one of those states where only
10:34 pm
republicans vote. i think republicans are engaged like i've never seen them engaged before. they are looking at us twice and three times. i'm up and down the state talking to folks who i may have known before. but they are really asking the important questions. they want the right person to emerge from this primary. >> greta: is the tea party movement -- to what extent is that helping you? what is the role in your campaign? it is interesting here in this state. >> i think that it is helping me. in that it is emboldening people who have never felt they would make a difference in a race. they would never dawn on them to get up, as i keep saying off of the couch and yelling at the tv, where you hear about. they get up and walking toward a door and making calls and stuffing envelopes and they feel empowered. >> greta: they didn't feel empowered to go to the republican party or democratic
10:35 pm
party. the way it looks like, forget it this is not going to help me at all. they seem to be disinfranchised people from those two parties it could be. like you said there's a lot of independents. in our state there's a lot of libertarians who are involved in the tea party movement. and they are people who have never been involved before. a lot of them have never been involved. they are making signs and they went to searchlight and went to see the governor speak. they are really engaged in this race what it is going to translate into? we are going to watch that it is fascinating to watch. i feel like i'm part of it. saw today a lot of my campaign workers, all volunteers you saw in that office, they are volunteers. they are there everyday making calls many they are really fired up. >> greta: would you like to see nevada join in the health care suit that many states attorneys generals and your
10:36 pm
governor wants to join and may be joining it, suing the federal government claiming the health care legislation is unconstitutional as to requiring people to buy health insurance, would you like to see your state sign on or not? >> absolutely "would. we can't afford to hire an attorney, nevada has no money to do that, we are already broke, our state is, like so many states. this new health care bill is going to put another 619 million dollars on our budget. i don't know where we are going to get it. what do we do, fire teachers? close schools? that's what we are talking about. >> greta: in some unusual and similarities to be drawn teen you government and -- you and governor palin. both -- you were a waitress worked occupy to the miss america pageant being miss new jersey, on tv, she was on tv, bottle got involved in politics.
10:37 pm
there's a strange similarity. >> there is. i've never shot a moose. [ laughing ] >> greta: there you go. i knew there was a difference. never shot a moose. >> never shot one, no. >> greta: have you been asked that? >> i have been asked. i've been asked what the differences are and that is a difference. we do have a lot of similarities. i can explain that it is just -- i'm sure there's a lot of similarities with a lot of people. the two of us she is in the spotlight now and people are looking at me now. you can say that about a lot of candidates they are similar to somebody else. >> greta: so much more of our interview with sue lowden you can see it tomorrow on you just heard from candidate sue lowden.
10:38 pm
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. >> greta: there's much more on the record ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: at this hour rescue crews in west virginia are still drilling in after effort to save those four missing coal miners.
10:42 pm
the holes are intended to release dangerouses gos preventing rescuers from ending the mine that could take another 14 hours. underground explosion in the massey energy mine killed 25 other miners yesterday. people who live in the small coal town are trying to hold out hope for missing workers. a banner reads: praying for our miners. this shakey scene from indonesia's northwest island of sumatra, 7.7 quake rattled homes, buildings ander ins a few hours ago -- and nerves a few hours ago. tsunami watch issued but later lifted. the quake wasfee6 28 miles deep. >> greta: we are live at the fabulous caesars palace in las vegas, nevada the most powerful u.s. sewn for senate majority harry reid represents this state. he's in a political dogfight just heard from sue lowden.
10:43 pm
now lowden's republican primary danny tar guess on the record. you -- danny tarkanian goes on the record. how are you going to get past this june 8th primary? >> you have to compare and contrast my positions to state senator lowden's positions. we've been doing that truth the campaign. there's things she believes in politically that i believe in and we'll let the voters decide. >> greta: if someone says i'm a republican and i can't decide give me an issue where are you soy -- where are you so different? >> four issues. i think the bailouts were wrong been against them complete former state senator lowden feels has fail the state because he doesn't bring enough federal money. >> greta: stimulus, pork money whatever revenue money that comes in.
10:44 pm
nevada has always been at the bottom of the list. you can spend more money bringing it back to new england or cutting the spending across -- to nevada or cut you go the spending and lower the debt that with her tax record as state senator and her support for harry reid in six elections, donating and voting for him makes a big difference between herself and myself. >> greta: would you bring the money back from washington here or cut spending? >> cut spending. he need to eliminate all federal pork projects flash flood the state wants to have a project done the state should pay. the federal government should have no involvement. if the people in florida want to build a turtle tunnel so turtles don't get hit crossing the road. people in nevada shouldn't have to pay. cut the spending, cut the debt of the government that's our big -- that's our biggest risk skyrocketing debt. >> greta: to what extent the
10:45 pm
tea party movement ineh dgp created a voter issue june 8th, through november? >> the tea party movement is a collective group of people frustrated with what is happening in the state. they are frustrated with high government spending. government intervention into the financial health care and auto industries. there's a movement to get our country to the limited purposes of the government. these are values i feel strongly about. i relate well with those voters. we anticipate getting many of them on election day. >> greta: are you part of the tea party movement? >> you are making it seem like it is a party. >> greta: isn't there a party formed near nevada or not? >> not by the tea party people by some guy that says he's a tea party person. >> greta: you have a tea party issue. >> representatives have stated they don't know who and the guy has no involvement. with respect to the khreblgive movement of people under the
10:46 pm
tea party umbrella, they have political philosophies they want the government to get back. these are things that i feel strongly about. and we talk about them everywhere we go around the state. >> some issues are national some are more local having to do with the state of nevada. i imagine immigration is a national issue also has a profound effect in this stay what is your solution or idea about immigration? >> simple solution to a very complex problem. if you can get people in office with the convictions to do it. two secure our borders not only for immigration issues but with the national defense issues. >> greta: how are you going to staour the borders? >> build a fence or using the new technology that can help identify people when they cross the border. that's a small part if you want to reverse the immigration trend. you got continue force the laws that are out there by taking incentives away for
10:47 pm
people to come into the country illegally. if people come into the country illegally they are not entitled to taxpayer education, health care, jobs, welfare they shouldn't be provided this. we should be able to ask people are you here legally before they get these benefits? once you identify they are not here illegally many will go back on their own and reverse the trend of illegal immigration. >> greta: what do you do about the employer who hires somebody illegal? >> you have to penalize the employer more. once you make the penalty higher, then the benefits are saved and they will stop, including taking away their license if they continue. >> greta: what is your explanation for why nevada is higher than other states in unemployment? what happened here? >> nevada has two major economies, gaming and construct. construction determined on gaming. once gaming stopped and that means people with
10:48 pm
discretionary income didn't have that income any more and they weren't coming here to gamble had you a reduction in the gaming business with that people who had jobs lost their jobs, therefore construction ended. right now we have a stalemate in our gaming industry. going down, not leveling off. construction won't start back up again until new construction the gaming industry happens that won't be for decades. our construction industry is decimated. >> greta: even if you were a republican why would you want to get rid of your senator when he's the senate majority leader. everyone has to admit he's the most powerful u.s. senator even though he might be of another party. why would you dare get rid of somebody with that? >> because what he's doing with that power is detrimental to not only the people in nevada but the whole country. taking government ownership of the financial institutions, health care, insurance, auto industry running our debt up to 14 plus trillion and going
10:49 pm
to double in five years these are things that are going to hurt the whole country. do we want to go down this dangerous road close to being past the point of no return? people of nevada understand that and believe reid is using his power to the detriment of the state and country. >> greta: we didn't have time to show you our entire interview. check out the interview tomorrow on next the best of the . if you like the tea party movement you are not alone. president obama might be sweating about this. >> plus, huge news for quarterback great brett favre. tiny news. we'll explain. >> one of the craziest things ever to happen at a mcdonald's, caught on tape. you will see it tonight. do not go away. new mousse temptations by jell-o.
10:50 pm
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. if you like what you see at tea party rallies you are not alone. according to a new rasmussen poll, 48% of voters say the average tea party members closer to their views than president obama. 44% are on the side of the president. the white house can't be happy about those numbers. what any of this will mean at the november midterm ballot box. we'll have to wait to find out
10:54 pm
this guy was really not happy with his service at mcdonald's. 34-year-old man in new jersey ordered a fillet of fish sandwich, paid and was waiting for his order in the drive-thru line when apparently he tired of waiting. get this, he climbed through the drive-thru window, slapped an employee in the face and took his sandwich. the disgruntled customer turned himself in to police he's charged with simple assault. >> brett favre is many things, nfl legend, super bowl binner -- winner. add one more thing, grandfather. his 21-year-old daughter britney gave birth to a baby boy, parker brett on his website brett favre says britney and her son are doing well. nfl knows of no other grandfathers among current players. congratulations to the favre family there you have the best of the rest. a story starring president on mark the irs and a possum that
10:55 pm
needed mouth-to-mouth. you have to stay here for that one.
10:56 pm
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10:59 pm
the thing is dead. he's giving mouth to mouth resuscitation. i know obama's health care plan is supposed to include everybody but this is crazy this, is too much. and here is the... the irs says it's been getting death threats since the bill passed because irs are going to be the one in champblg implementing it. saying threats are so bad that actually hindering ability to threaten people. >> and that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure to follow us on slash gretawire. until then, keep it here. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from ceasear's palace in las vegas, nevada.

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